On impatient dacoits

Poor Nirbhay Gujjar — he probably didn’t realize that he was asking for too much when he set his demands for surrender:

On being asked that there were reports in a TV channel that he was going to surrender through a minister, Gujjar said,” There were some talks like that but I have nothing of the sort in my mind. I have some demands from Mulayamji and if those are fulfilled then I might surrender.”


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And I guess, for Mulayam Singh, who is well known for distributing election tickets to dacoits(Phoolan being one of them), these demands were apparently unacceptable:

Electronic surveillance and the utmost secrecy of the operation proved fatal for slain dacoit Nirbhay Gujjar.

Gujjar was shot dead by the Special Task Force on Monday after an encounter in the ravines of Etawah in Uttar Pradesh.

The dreaded dacoit had been wanted by the police in nearly 200 cases, including 50 abductions and a reward of Rs 2.5 lakh had been announced on his head.

Source NDTV

As they say — never kill the duck that lays golden eggs. Nirbhay could have attained Veerapan-status had he been a bit patient D

UP STF reminds me of the movie Sehar, that I saw a few months back. Starring Arshad Warsi, the movie is an engrossing account of the story behind the formation of UP special task force. A must watch.

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