Indiatimes lacks ethics

Times of India has done it again! They never cease to provide meat for us bloggers to blog about. This time, their portal,, has indulged in blatant plagiarism.

When I had first come across this page about Rahul Gandhi, the usage of IITK lingo had come as a surprise. It’s highly unlikely that a journalist would have studied IIT lingo; So, I assumed this article was written by an IITK guy himself. But then, I stumbled upon Vinod Khare’s post (through Desipundit):

This post is about my first brush with plagiarism. Some time ago, I wrote an article about IITK Lingo. Today, I came to know about this article which copies a couple of paragraphs that appear in my blog almost verbatim.

My assumption was correct — nevertheless. However I was shocked at the complete disregard for the original author’s copyright. According to Indian laws, acquisition of copyright is automatic —’s actions being a clear case of copyright infringement. They ought to be punished — if not legally, then through slander