Priyadarshan’s Weird Venture

There’s some buzz about movie director Priyadarshan’s plan to make an epic period film of the scale of Kala Pani. The weirdest part of the idea was that it’s supposed to be based on Chau dancers of Orissa and Bihar — how they took on the Britishers through their dance form.


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Firstly, the reason why I feel bad — is that, being from Orissa, I was never exposed to Chau dancers, nor did I ever read about their tryst with colonialism. Agreed I was an average back-bencher, but I did read my text books — no mention of Chau dancers there. Studying local cultural history is imperative, as one could relate to the same in a better way. I wonder why the state government hasn’t given due importance to it |

Secondly, why was this relatively unknown concept chosen as a basis for an epic film of such a scale? Is this going to be another bummer like Mangal Pandey? I hope not — Priyadarshan has given us movies like Kala Pani and Virasat. But one thing is for sure — this movie is definitely going to raise awareness about Chau dancers — giving them due recognition.

OK, if you are still guessing whether I cooked up this story, here is the link to the original news item. D

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